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JB Trucking Inc., a company with more than 40 years of experience and the Knowledge for any overload, oversized, or any special move.



JB Trucking, Inc. is fully equipped with more than 50 tractors including some of the best brands made...


Dump truks

Aluminum dump truck  trailers ready for any movement around the island.



Also our container inventory is over 120 containers. Including 20 ft,40ft, 45ft, 53ft.


water tanks

Our 6,500gals certified potable water tanks are in conditions for any water shortages.

customers / Our latest clients

Now JB Trucking, Inc. has a numerous quantity of clients.

Testimonials / What our customers are saying

We have been with a number of truck companies over the years, but there is only one company that we can recommend for great value, reliability and support.

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Who We Are / Proven Quality on inland Transportation

Transporte Jose Báez was stablished on 1967 by José Baez Guzmán. Starting operations named as Transporte Baez. His first mission was the cane and dirt transport. With the pass of years he started moving containers instead of cane. In 1979 when "Transporte Baez" was known as one of the best trucking company in Puerto Rico.

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